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About A Bisl Klezmer

Klezmer music is the traditional music of eastern European Jews. Played at weddings and other significant events, klezmer music has the power to bring people to tears or whip them into a drunken frenzy of joy. A Bisl Klezmer brings this unique, fun music to venues across the country through performances, workshops, and other events. 

An excerpt from "Hate, Hope, and Healing: Exploring the Holocaust Through Music"

Trailer for "Hate, Hope, and Healing: Exploring the Holocaust Through Music"

Hate, Hope, and Healing

Hate, Hope, and Healing: Exploring the Holocaust Through Music is an immersive, emotional presentation that follows the experiences of three men and women who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust committed by Nazi Germany.


The multimedia presentation includes a movie with survivor interviews and archival photos and video. A Bisl Klezmer provides a live soundtrack, and original art by Tom Matthews creates a poignant atmosphere. 

We want the audience to be entertained, but we also want them to learn about this important historical event and the responsibility we all have in preventing acts of hate against all people.

A Bisl Klezmer

"It took me to a home I never knew I had"

Education Concerts

A Bisl Klezmer has presented educational concerts to numerous age groups. We talk about klezmer music and its role in eastern European Jewish culture, music and musical instruments, the importance of fighting discrimination and embracing different cultures, and, of course, we have a lot of fun!

We would love to work with your school or organization. Please contact us at for booking inquiries. 

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